Halls of our forebears, warriors of old, and honorable dead

Scholars of past ages often wondered about the resting places promised to them in the years beyond remembering. Who could tell the tales of the life beyond the world? Some believe that Luminos will take all children of Adrasil to a place of peace and rest. But for those with a lust for life, rest sounds like and end. To these few, the promised reward of an afterlife would be one of far more. Warriors and soldiers tend to believe that a place where their power in life can be celebrated after death.

Warriors of old spoke of this place in stories told before time was recorded. They believed that there was a place where their forebears would welcome them in celebration rather than in rest. The teachings of Luminos held little interest to men who weren’t interested in an end. There must be a place for the fighter’s heart after their passing. These believers received an answer through the visions of a great warchief as she described what lay beyond the light as she died. For centuries after, the story has been told of the great Halls of Val-Noran.

Beyond the veil of death lies a long hall for those with the zeal of life. It’s a place of fellowship without fear of pain or creaking bones. Where all those who died with honor go to celebrate with their ancestors. The hall is filled with endless feasting tables, bottomless barrels of ale, and weapons of divine craft laid aside for all who enter. Beyond its golden doors are countless scores of souls in revelry and playful banter. Battles rage in joy, while combatants fall to each other’s might. And when the battles end their souls rise again to feast, boast stories of valor, and to celebrate the glory of their victories and defeats. They fight wars between each meal with soldiers that never tire and tankards that never dry.

At the head of the massive feast sits a golden warchief with name unknown to those who have yet to enter the hall. Some believe it may be Luminos preparing the children of Adrasil to reclaim the world from the dark. Others believe that the figure is the first warchief of men, who’s prowess was so great that they rose to become something divine. Either way, warbands, battle hordes, and legions of soldiers across time have called to the Halls of Val-Noran before charging to their deaths in the hopes that the great warchief would look favorably upon their courage. A glorious death is worth far more than a peaceful life to these few. And the doors of that great hall will only open to those who are worthy.

Where some find common ground in their beliefs, these stories have caused many an argument over the centuries. Often branded as “the old ways”, those that believe in Val-Noran find themselves at odds with the followers of Luminos. Although these stories are not nearly so old as Luminos’s teachings, priests and scholars often assume their believers to be simpleminded or misguided. Likewise, those with a zealous mind towards Val-Noran tend to think Luminos is for the meek and those unable to earn their glory into the great hall. Only those who pass beyond this life may know the truth of the matter.