Sea Lords

The Sea Lords are Olaran's force at sea, along the coasts and up the rivers. Their expertise in trade, navigation, and naval warfare make them an essential part of any expedition outside the kingdom of Olaran. They operate as privateers, being independent, but arthorized by the king. To many they are heroes, to others, they are no more than the realm's legalized pirates. 


Sea Lord History?

Our first King Alirion found the maneuverability of ships highly useful on the Kelldaran River, fighting in Lannock and the Grey in his early years, but it was his campaign against the Sea Lords of Throi that taught him the importance of a strong naval force. The Sea Lords were originally raiders from the west, that settled along the coast of Throi. In years past hey had occupied first the coastal cities, then dominated the surrounding territory with their fast strike capabilities. On the open sea they were impossible to defeat. King Alirion was only able to bring them to the treaty table, and into the kingdom after he won their respect through brilliant tactical maneuvers that trapped the Sea Lord’s fleet in the Coldfell River. He allied himself with the daring raiders by appointing the Earl of Throi the First Sea Lord of Olaran, giving him wide powers to hire private warships and warriors to uphold the king’s rule on land and sea.

Their Culture and Look

Emblem: The Trident

Culture: Designed after the style and equipment of the Varangian guard, elite viking warriors in the service of the Byzantine Emperor, the Sea Lords take on many of the traits of the more eastern European style medieval armor and dress, combined with the more Norse look. Thus lamellar, baggy trousers, and lots of cloth accents are key. Culturally, they draw inspiration from the byzantines, vikings and the historical British navy. 

Equipment: Their colors are sea-blue with navy blue, brown, gray, and tan with white and silver accents. (Details on colors in sections below) They are basically medieval Navy SEALs used to defend the coasts and maritime trade. If they wear armor, they wear chainmail, brown/tan leather armor, steel reinforced/steel splinted leather armor and padded gambesons. They wear light nasal helms, ocular and other norse/byzantine type helmets.

*** Please note that players MAY NOT wear the primary colors of another faction***


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Arm Yourself Properly

Due to their seafairing lifestyle, Sea Lords must be ready for a variety of situations. They have grown accustomed to using weapons and armor from all around Adrasil. These pieces may include:

Fabric and Paint

  • Blue - Use the Hyperlink to purchase fabric.

  • Paint code is Sherwin-Williams Riverway Flat 00SW6222

  • Navy - Use the Hyperlink to purchase fabric.

  • Tan - Use the Hyperlink to purchase fabric.

  • Grey - Use the Hyperlink to purchase fabric.


Follow the Leader

Descended in unbroken line from the First of the great Sea Lords, Torvin, Earl of Throi, First Sea Lord and Commodore of the Fleet embodies the reputation of his Sea Lords. Dashing, courageous, arrogant, and not in the least intimated by you or anyone else. He is the best, and he knows it. Faithful to a fault but willing to hunt to the last those he deems to be his foes. Torvin has at his personal disposal the Sea Lord fleet, led by his flagship the Leviathan. While his head never bows to the mighty, even the most humble Sea Lord knows him as a friend.

Zan Campbell is a U.S. Navy Veteran, Founder of Fell & Fair and Executive Director of Weekend Warrior. Years of playing Age of Empires and that Naval Science degree are finally paying off as he returns to command the Sea Lords.