The Rangers are the border-keepers of Olaran. They are as wild as the domain they inhabit. With their skills in tracking, stealth, and hit-and-run tactics, they are perfect scouts for exploring the new lands as the quest for the Sword continues.


The First Rangers..

He brought peace and stability to The Kingdoms of Man, but once the Kingdom was consolidated, Alirion needed to guard and protect its borders. The lawless tracts between its villages, towns and cities needed guardians, and so, the Rangers were established. Elite warriors are handpicked for service from the ranks of the kingdom’s forces, and trained in the ways of wilderness survival and tactics. They became the law and order to the distant boundaries of the realm. The eyes, ears, voice, and hand of the King in the wilds. Patrolling the provinces and set on the frontiers to guard and watch the borders of the kingdom. They are the beacon lighters and the first line of defense.

Their Culture and Look

Emblem: The Wolf’s Head

Culture: Hunters, trackers, and scouts, specialized in woodland survival and tactics. They specialize in archery, but have great of flexibility in combat. Based on medieval foresters, wardens and scout archers, rangers run light and fast, their goal is to defeat the enemy before the foe even knows they are there. They often carry bows and rely heavily on archery in a pitched battle.

Equipment: their colors are subdued olive and dark greens, tan, browns, grays. If they wear armor, they wear chainmail, brown/tan leather armor and brown leather studded/steel reinforced armor. They wear sallet and nasal helms that allow for visibility and flexibility.

*** Please note that players MAY NOT wear the primary colors of another faction***

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Arm Yourself Properly

Rangers are never in one place for long. They need to pack light, but essential gear in order to stay adaptive. Often times these warriors pick up odd pieces of gear to fit their tasks as they roam the country side. Some of these pieces include:

  • Green - Use the Hyperlink to purchase fabric.

  • Paint code is Olympic Royal Hunter Green Flat OL704.6

  • Dark Olive - Use the Hyperlink to purchase fabric.

  • Brown - Use the Hyperlink to purchase fabric.

  • Tan - Use the Hyperlink to purchase fabric.


Follow the Leader

Some men rise due to wealth and privilege, those men die quickly in the Boarder Watch. Probably at the hands of men like Arquus Swiftbow. Arquus' name proceeded him as a legend through the Ranger Corps. Before attaining the rank of captain, he sailed with the Sea Lords and led teams of rangers on orc hunts far beyond the boarders of Olaran. The King's choice of Ranger commander for the expedition was easy. Arquus would get the job done, and then some.

Jesse Huff is a veteran member of the Fell Company and brings years of woodcraft and archery experience to the Rangers. Legends are still told in hushed tones of the dozens slain by his bow last year at Weekend Warrior!