The Kingsmen are the royal protectors of Olaran. They serve to enforce the law, protect nobility, and serve as the guard for many important individuals of the realm, including the newly crowned King. Their tendency towards order and law grants them the King's trust to enforce the his rule while the expedition ventures so far away from the kingdom.


Who Are They?

King Alirion surrounded himself with loyal lords and they became known as the Kingsmen. They serve as his royal guard, administrators of the kingdom, and protectors of important locations. Many of the highest houses would send their best and bravest children to serve in the capitol as squires. There, they are educated by scholars from all over Adrasil, and steeped in the ceremony and protocol of the court. These chosen few often act as the judge and jury for many small towns in crisis. But most importantly, Kingsmen are the last thing that stands between the kingdom of Olaran's doom when all else fails. 

Their Culture and Look

Emblem: Crossed swords and Crown

Culture: Based on 12th-13th century knights, with some fantasy elements. They exemplify chivalry and martial prowess. They are used to defend the crown and its interests and form an elite fighting unit in battle. They prefer to fight in fixed battle and one-on-one chivalrous duals.

Equipment: Their colors are yellow-gold with accents in white, black, silver, and gray. (Details on colors in sections below) If they wear armor, it is chainmail, steel plate and black leather as well as great, nasal and kettle helms. They can also have black and brown leather items.

*** Please note that players MAY NOT wear the primary colors of another faction***

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Arm Yourself Properly

The Kingsmen are charged with the protection of important individuals and places all over Adrasil. To this end, they arm themselves so that they may withstand any assault. They most often use equipment such as:

  • Gold - Use the Hyperlink to purchase fabric.

  • Paint code is Olympic Honeycomb Flat SW 6375

  • White - Use the Hyperlink to purchase fabric.

  • Black - Use the Hyperlink to purchase fabric.

  • Grey - Use the Hyperlink to purchase fabric.


Follow the Leader

With the crowning of King Randar, and the Reeve called to his side as council, command of the Kingsmen has been given to Justicar Braxton, The Wall of Murnock. Braxton served as a small unit officer for the King to establish order in strategic combat areas. He earned his title while defending the mines of Murnock from southern tribesmen. While the local militia was quickly overrun, Braxton gathered a handful of troops, reclaimed the breach in the wall and held them for hours until relief arrived. That day he earned a knighthood as well as a reputation. The Wall of Murnock became a legend for that spread far beyond the mines.

Thomas Day is a Weekend Warrior veteran, member of Fell and Fair, and no stranger to war games. He commands the Kingsmen with his own hand-picked guardsmen.