An elite selection of the army's shield-wall, the Hearth-guard are Duke Killian's elite shock troops. With "Death and glory!' as their cry, these bloodied warriors have earned their right to stand in the battle line a thousand times over. 


Backbone of the Army...

In his wisdom, King Alarion created a standing army for both conquest and defense. Drawn from all over the kingdom and trained with the discipline of his most seasoned warriors, they have been instrumental in keeping stability and have proven themselves countless times against enemies of the crown both foreign and domestic. From this vast army, an elite advancing guard immerged. This group of elite warriors are gifted with the skills of death and warfare. They have become known as the Hearth-guard after their fervent and crushing victories over threats to the kingdom. Pride for their heritage and lust for battle makes them a force of nature at the King's disposal.

Their Culture and Look

Emblem: Stag Horns

Culture: Based on deadly Viking raiders of the eighth and ninth century, the Hearth-guard are a close-knit unit of tough shock-troops. They rely on close-packed infantry fighting and the shieldwall. They seem to love axes. BIG ONES. 

Equipment: Their colors are dark red/maroon with brown, gray and tan accents. If they wear armor they wear chainmail, lamellar, or brown/tan leather armor, brown leather studded/steel reinforced armor and padded gambesons. Large, round viking-type shields are key to their tactics. They only wear light nasal helms and ocular helms.

*** Please note that players MAY NOT wear the primary colors of another faction***



Arm Yourself Properly

The Hearth-guard often acts as the shock force to crush enemies quickly. When a siege needs the final push, their fury is unleashed. Moving as a unit, they need the equipment to defend each other and deal death simultaneously. Masters of weapons and shield wars, their favorite gear includes:

  • Dark Red - Use the Hyperlink to purchase fabric.

  • Paint code is Olympic Brick Dust Flat OL682.6

  • Brown - Use the Hyperlink to purchase fabric.

  • Tan - Use the Hyperlink to purchase fabric.

  • Grey - Use the Hyperlink to purchase fabric.


Follow the Leader

Killian the Red, Duke of Lannock. His biography is written in blood. Duke Killian is cousin to the late king and the commander of the Hearth-guard. As a young man, having saved the late king, from ambush by a Golthan warband and soaked to the skin in their blood, Killian and his men escorted the king through the streets of Lannock before cheering crowds. Killian has since been known as "The Red". He and his Hearth-guard are never far from the sound of war-horns and carrion birds.

Ron Newcomb is a co-founder of Weekend Warrior and director of The Forge Studios. He is a Marine veteran and leads his troops in battle with the same valor with which he served his country.