Healers and Medics


Healing Rules

All healing will be executed through role play. Once a player has received a wound, before that wound can be healed, the player must be attended by a Healer or Medic (see combat rules for information regarding receiving wounds). All wounds are removed by applying and removing a bandage. Bandages are a limited resource, so obtaining a sufficient supply will be critical to gameplay. Bandages are applied either in the filed or at the hospital/field hospital. Bandages can only be removed by healers in the hospital/field hospital. 



Medics are combatant players who are supplied with bandages by the healers or their faction. Medics are partisan players who are work for their specific faction. They may apply bandages in the field to wounded comrades. Applying bandages has the following results:

  • Applying bandages to a disabled limb, restores the use of that limb. However the bandage must remain on that limb until removed by a healer. However, the armor points for that limb are not restored until the bandage is removed.

  • Applying bandages to a "mortally wounded"/dead player allows them to be "walking wounded". They cannot participate in combat until visiting the healers. However they are allowed to walk to the healers under their own power. The should role play being severely wounded until restored by the healers.

  • If no bandages are available, wounded players may be carried or assisted to the hospital by their comrades.

  • As combatants, medics may be killed and wounded by opponents. Their medic bags (issued by weekend Warrior) may also be looted for bandages). So keep these people alive!

  • There is a limit of 3 Medics for each faction at any one time.

  • All medics must attend medic training before being allowed to play the role of medics.

  • Medics must store all their bandages in their issued medic bag and must have the bag with them when acting as medics. Bandages may be looted from the bag, but the bag may not be taken from the player. An un attended medic bag may be taken and returned to the hospital for a reward.




Healers are noncombatant players who have the ability to fully restore wounded players at a hospital. They may also go in to the field to apply bandages, but may only remove bandages and restore limbs/life at a hospital/field hospital. While each healer comes from a faction, they are required to heal any player, no matter their fraction, who comes to them for aid. Healers are key role players at the event. They are the glue that holds us all together. As a healer, you get to move through the different factions with immunity, gather and share information as well as help shape the course of conflict!

  • Healers may not be attacked, killed or wounded.

  • By removing a bandage at a hospital, healers restore a player to full health (and their armor points are also restored).

  • Healers will be identified with either surgical aprons or healer's hoods. No players wearing these items may be attacked.

A Healer’s Kit

Healers must abide by all normal costume guidelines, but as noncombatant they will not need armor and weapons, but rather the tools of their craft. Check out this video from Fell & Fair to see what items you may find useful!

General Notes

  • If a bandage is poorly applied and begins to come undone, that wound "reopens" and a medic or healer must fix it before that limb can be used again.

  • Bandages are an important resource, they my be obtained in the following manner: they can be found in field caches, be issued at regular intervals by the healers, be looted/traded from other/enemy medics, they can be purchased with in-game resources.

  • Medics may trade places with fellow players, however each medic is responsible for seeing their replacement properly trained before handing over their medic bag.