Getting Ready for the Event

So, you are coming to weekend warrior! What do you need to do/get to be ready for the battle?

  1. Complete your kit. For further details, check out our complete kit guidelines. You will need the following items at minimum to be able to walk about the battlefield:

    • Trousers. While you have a tunic, you will need trousers (gets a bit chilly otherwise) in your faction colors. We recommend purchasing linen, cotton or wool trousers. Sometimes you can get modern trousers that look period appropriate like these found on Amazon. You can also purchase period trousers like those from Epic Armoury or Burgschneider.
    • Boots. You can purchase these at a great price from our store. If you prefer taller boots, these can be purchased online. Both men and women can purchase modern womens tall brown and black leather or faux leather boots. Zippers are allowed, but please keep them as minimal as possible. This is a great and comfortable way to take care of footware! We do recommend wearing and “breaking in” your boots before the event!
    • Belt. You will want a medieval leather  belt to tie your tunic as well as hold your sword, etc. You can find great ones here at Epic Armoury
    • A weapon! If you plan to fight, I would have one of these handy! You can rent swords, bows and polearms from us, or purchase them from outside vendors such as Epic Armoury. There are suggested items on each faction page!
  2. If you want more garments, armor or weapons, check out our store, the Fell & Fair Etsy Shop or the suggested items on your faction page! If you already have items you wish to bring, email a picture and description to to check it for approval!

  3. A roof over your head! Bring camping gear! Don’t have it? Rent it! We offer non-period gear, but you can bring period gear for “in-game” camping, or non-period gear for “out of game” We recommend an air mattress/pad/cot and a sleeping bag in addition to a tent! There are shower and restroom facilities on the premises.