Frequently Asked Questions:

Below are some answers for you! If you have more questions, send an email to! 

What is the Minimum Gear I need?

You will need the following to be able to participate:

  1. Tunic

  2. Pants

  3. Medieval boots/shoes

  4. Belt

  5. Weapon (if you want to fight)

All these items can be purchased or rented from Weekend Warrior. You can also bring them yourself but must have them approved by email to

Check out this helful video on assembling and adding on to a basic kit!

Have there been rules updates for 2019?

Yes! They will be released and announced soon!

What is the difference in period and modern camping?

For those wishing to camp "in game" you must have a period appropriate tent (get them approved at The modern gear is allowed inside the tent, but the tent flap must be closed if any modern gear is visible.

Modern camping will be set up a short distance from the play area for easy access but out of sight. 

Can I take photos during the event?

Once the event officially begins at 4pm on Thursday, photography by the players is not allowed in the "in game" area until the event ends at 3pm on Saturday. Photos may be taken before, after and in the put of play area.  

When do I have to leave the site?

The event officially ends at 3pm on Saturday the 19th. You may stay an extra night and leave on Sunday for an extra $3 fee paid to the site owner. However meals will not be provided on-site after lunch on Saturday. 


Things That Have Changed for 2018.

Here are some simple changes from last year's Weekend Warrior event:

  1. Armor: The total armor points are being reduced from 6 to 5. We found that asking an unarmed archer to shoot someone in the same place three times for a kill was a bit much.

  2. Weapons inspections: We will not have established times for checking weapons, costumes and armor in addition to the pre-battle checks. Checks will be done by faction staff.

  3. Alcohol: Alcohol will no longer be served on the premises, so if you are of legal drinking age and wish to partake feel free to bring your own! Bring some to share if you want to be extra popular!

  4. NPC combat: Last year there was some confusion in the NPC ranks about their combat abilities. NPCs in combat will have the same rules governing them as the players. NPCs will also receive special training on the rules as well as being required to attend the large ruled demonstration.

  5. Side quests: Last year the side quest got a bit side-tracked. They also were given too much influence on the game story. Side quests will now be for the purposes of expanding your knowledge of the world and providing fun team building opportunities. The main story will be driven by the players and the main missions.

  6. Assassins Game: The assassin’s game is getting a complete overhaul. Last year it was a great concept that needed some testing and will now get improvements.

  7. Healing: All healing will now be player driven. No massive respawns or respawn points. Teamwork people!

  8. Logistics: Base kit costume rentals are no longer an option. Each ticket will come with a tunic from Weekend Warrior that will be delivered to you at check-in at the event. You are responsible for acquiring the rest of your kit. This will reduce your cost and our workload dramatically.

  9. Airport Shuttle: Airport shuttles will no longer be provided. This was a huge expense and logistical nightmare for the WW team last year. You will be responsible for making it to the sight yourself. Just like Disney World.

  10. Tents: In an attempt to drive down the cost to the player, period tenting will no longer be provided. Tent rentals will be available for those who do not have their own. But for those who do, you are in luck, you cost to attend just dropped!

  11. Food: 6 meals will be provided. However alcohol must be brought by you to the event as it can not be sold on the premises.  You are also welcome to bring your own food and snacks as well.

  12. Introduction of Heralds: Heralds, in distinctive garb will be present at the large battles to ensure fair play.

  13. Player-led story: Last year many plot discussions were made.

  14. Fewer cameramen: As this event is not being filmed, you will not need to worry about camera operators getting in your way! We will however have a professional videographer and photographer on site for key moments.

  15. Centralized medical staff: This year, rather than “floating” the on-site medical staff will be in a central location to all players for easy access.

  16. Centralized safety and combat instructions: Last year, we relied on faction leaders to deliver combat and safety instructions. This led to some variation and confusion in interpretation among the players. We will now have a centralized “out of game” meeting beforehand on safety and combat rules.  

  17. Revised combat rules: The combat rules are being tweaked and clarified.

  18. Weekend Warrior has the right and responsibility to provide a safe place for all participants. Weekend Warrior reserves the right to dismiss a player for any reason whatsoever.