What Not to Wear...

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We aim to provide an amazing, realistic experience in a fantasy world!

Because of this, we have come to a consencus on item we would not like to include in approved garb.

Why are there restrictions on faction gear and clothing?

Our goal at Weekend Warrior is to provide an immersive and fun experience. Thus continuity in personal equipment is key in providing the visual backdrop of the event. Rules create restrictions, yes. But they also provide freedom and the ability to work with other people on a common basis. If you go to the movies, you would not expect to see 2 minutes of Lord of the Rings, 3 minutes of Peter Pan, 2 minutes of Star Wars and 5 minutes of Pirates of the Caribbean, that would be a mess. While those are all fun movies, seeing them all jumbled up and at once with no continuity or unifying theme would not allow you to lose yourself in the story and world of the film. Therefore, Weekend Warrior is working hard to deliver just one, really great story. If that is not what you are about, then there are plenty of other events out there with much a more relaxed approach to continuity!

All players are human, or human in appearance. Both males and females may be warriors. Combatant and noncombatant ladies and lords may wear dresses or lordly garb in camp/to feasts, but all combatants must be in combat garb suitable for action sports for anything that involves intentional fighting (such as quests, the arena or battles). All weapon classes are open to all factions. As all players are human and living in a gritty and practical human world, the armor and weapons should reflect that. Nothing crazy, impractical or super high concept. Think, "if it would not fit on screen in Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings or the Middle Ages, then it is out of place". You may look at Fell & Fair's Instagram/Facebook (@fellandfair) if you need reference and ideas. Keep it gritty, keep it subdued, keep it mysterious. The creation and cultivation of individual personae from all facets of fantasy medieval life, and adopting "Battle Names" is encouraged.

What are useful armor and kit items you can bring?


We find that cloaks, hoods and gambesons are great additions to any kit. Not only do that add important layers of depth to your outfit, but they provide warmth on cold nights and gambesons give you an extra hitpoint of armor!


Chainmail and helmets are two of the best items when it comes to “bang for your buck”. Helmets help create a cool look and provide protection for your head and face (accidents cans till happen) while chainmail provides the best number of hitpoints, coverage and flexibility for the weight and price!

Check your specific faction pages to see their cultural style and picture examples to get a better idea of what you can bring. Remember that any gear that you bring that is not listed specifically on the faction page needs to be approved by contact@fellandfair.com. Please don't spend your money on something before you know you can use it!


What Not to Wear

A brief explanation subject to change.

In order to increase immersion, the Weekend Warrior has designed cultures that are not only consistent within themselves, but with each other. By adhering to the costume guidelines, not only are you enhancing your own experience, but you are showing kindness and consideration to the other players who also wish to have an immersive experience.  

Please do not bring:

  • Modern Clothing (inside play area, such as jeans or synthetic materials.)

  • Modern Tennis Shoes

  • Berets/bonnets

  • Pirate hats/any pirate-looking clothing

  • Modern bandanas (if you feel the need for a cloth to cover your head/neck we recommend a subdued fabric in your faction’s colors)

  • Corsets

  • Boffer weapons

  • Any historical gear from outside the 8th-14th century. (that means no romans, greeks, musketeers, etc...)

  • Bright colors: anything neon especially.

  • Plastic armor

  • Fairy/elven/orc equipment. While orcs and elves do exist in the WW universe, they are almost forgotten by humans...

  • Kilts (no Scots or Greeks here I’m afraid!)

  • Crowns, coronets, headbands. There are certain predetermined royalty/nobility positions in the game and they must be easily identified by their crowns. Therefore, please refrain from wearing these items.  

  • Wide-brimmed hats.

  • ANY OUTSIDE GEAR THAT HAS NOT BEEN APPROVED VIA contact@fellandfair.com!!!