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September 16th. 2019

  • Welcome letters have gone out to everyone who has signed up for the 2019 event! Included is A LOT of information, so be sure to read it carefully. Also included is a letter from Olaran with details that may interest new and veteran players alike. Keep an eye out for more of these letters as the event draws closer!

  • A new section was added to our lore page! We’re trying to get as much published as possible before the event. We are doing our best to make sure that each piece is perfected before releasing them, so we really appreciate your patience. Check them out here.

September 7th, 2019

  • NEW LORE PAGE! We know that our players have been asking for more information about our kingdom, the world, its cultures, and so much more. We definitely plan to answer these questions. Some will be discovered through the events, but you can look at the lore and story we recently added. We will have more published before this year’s event!

  • There have been more costume building videos posted! As we get closer to this year’s event, you may want to take a look at our quick tips on easy ways to elevate you character and garb with a few small touches. Watch them here!

July 25th, 2019

  • Fabric colors have been updated! Each faction has recommended colors for clothing, these have been updated for fabric availability on each faction’s page.

  • A new leader has arisen! Ryan O’shaughnessy is our new Ranger faction leader. The veteran leader Jesse Huff has scheduling conflicts and will make an appearance if possible! But he leaves the Rangers in good hands!

  • A new page on costume building is live! These video resources should be helpful when outfitting your kit! See it here!

November 26th, 2018

  • 2019 Tickets are available! More information to come. Sale price will last until February 1st, 2019.

November 23rd, 2018

Thanks to all of you who participated in our Weekend Warrior survey! This is one of the best tools for us to find ways to improve your event experience! We listened to your reviews and saw a couple of common trends that we will be working on in the future. The biggest ones are:

Rules/enforcement: As with any game in which humans participate there will be issues with rules and people understanding them and abiding by them. There were also several things brought up by your comments that we did not see at the game or did not anticipate as potential issues areas. We will be doing a rules review with the goal of making them easier to understand and arbitrate. 

Food: Quantity and some quality issues. We will be working with the EastWind staff to make sure they serve larger quantities of food and that it is all of equally enjoyable. Like you, we paid well for this service and expect to see improvement as we progress. 

More “side quests”/extra role play opportunities, especially in the evenings: We will be doing our best to add more items/characters/events to interact with throughout the event. 

There are several other small tweaks and improvements will will be making from story to campsite issues! 

We appreciate your understanding and help as we work on these areas and others. We have no desire to be “just like other events” and in fact hope not to to be. So that means we are having to innovate in some unique ways to create an original and fun experience! Remember that all the Weekend Warrior staff and NPCs from top to bottom are volunteers! Every penny you pay for your ticket goes to improving your experience, but there are only so many things we can do at a time! We are fans too and love this event as much as you. We are willing to put in a ton of effort on top of our normal jobs to make it happen. So every bit of help you give in the form of support, spreading the word, feedback and encouragement goes a long way! 

July 31st, 2018

  • Rules for Healers and Medics! We have updated and expanded on the roles and rules for Healers and Medics. We have also added to the FAQs.

July 16th, 2018

  • New Items in the Store! We have added a large number of items to the Weekend Warrior Store! Including some armor options, arrows and more!

July 9th, 2018

  • Vendor Applications! Calling all artisans and craftsman! If you would like a chance to sample your wares, apply to be a vendor. We are looking for shops that fit into our world with products that our players can use in game. Find the application here at the bottom of the Main Page!

  • Introducing Your Leaders! At the bottom of each faction page is now a small introduction to your faction leaders. More information about their stories will become available soon!

  • Building a Squad! Squads, crews, units, and legions are now much easier to create. Simply find 4 or more friends in your faction, come up with a name, draft a heraldry, and send us the info to contact@fellandfair.com so we can get you approved. There are no extra fees needed!

  • Paint Codes! The paint codes are finally up on the faction pages at the bottom of the "Arm Yourself Properly" section. You can blame Thomas for the delay. He is truly the worst.