Weekend Warrior
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The Story Continues


The History

Olaran is a united human kingdom in the north-east lands of Adrasil. Olaran was unified by a great king two centuries ago and the legacy that he left behind has stood the test of time. What were once warring kingdoms and unaffiliated tribes were brought together under the banner of Olaran, as nine provinces. King Alirion was an unparalleled leader and brilliant tactician. The great ambition and lust for battle of his youth became the strength and hard earned wisdom of his rule.

This year, players will choose from one of four factions, who are striving to best execute their king's command in their own unique way. But CIVIL WAR has broken out!

The event will begin with the Hearth-guard and the Rangers allied and the Sea Lords and Kingsmen allied. Where things go from there, who knows?

In this cinematic setting, you will have the chance to immerse yourself into a gritty, realistic fantasy world and explore it with your friends... and enemies!

Weekend Warrior 2019

This year's Weekend Warrior event will follow closely upon the events of Weekend Warrior 2018. In the climactic battle at the end of the event, Earl Torvin’s forces, the Sea Lords and Kingsmen, defeated Duke Killian and prevented his army from reaching the coast and the ships that could take them back to Olaran where the Duke plans to stake his claim as regent.

The Sea Lords and Kingsmen have established a base and are debating the best corse of action. Duke Killian with the Rangers and Hearth-guard have withdrawn a short way and also consider their options. New ships have also arrived with reinforcements and news from Olaran. How these newcomers will change the course of events is still unknown.

Little progress has been made in the search for the sword of hope. Will the factions continue the search? Or will war interfere?

For more information on the past events of Weekend Warrior click here.

Meet the Armies


The Expedition Factions

The Guard

The Guard is comprised of the Sea Lord and Kingsmen factions. They were sent by the king to help organize and maintain communication, trade, and order with the kingdom while the company is abroad.

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The Sea Lords

The Sea Lords are the King's navy and forces at sea. Their expertise in trade, navigation, and naval warfare make them an essential part of any expedition outside the kingdom of Olaran. Officially they are the realm's privateers. To many others, they are the realm's legallized pirates, but all agree that they are a necessary force for this expedition.

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The Kingsmen

The Kingsmen are the royal protectors of Olaran. They enforce the law, uphold the king's justice, and serve as guard for the nobility of the realm, including the newly crowned king. Their dedication to order and law grants them the King's trust to enforce the his rule while the expedition ventures so far away from the kingdom.

The Army

The Army is is made from the Ranger and Hearth-Guard factions. They serve as the driving force for the king in his campaign to reclaim the Sword of Hope. They are charged with the exploration and conquest of the unexplored lands they discover on this expedition.

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The Rangers

The Rangers are the border keepers of Olaran. They are as wild as the domain they inhabit. With their skills in tracking, stealth, and hit and run tactics, they are perfect scouts for exploring the new lands as the quest for the Sword continues.

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The Hearth-guard

The Hearth-guard acts as the fist of the King. They make up the vast majority of his armies and troops. They have steadfast generals, brilliant tacticians, and brutal determination, making them a dominant force on the battlefield and critical to the success of the expedition.