Weekend Warrior Event Ticket

Weekend Warrior Event Ticket

from 265.00

Join the cause! Become a warrior for the weekend in our immersive experience! Event Ticket includes price of admission, and 6 meals. Choose the tunic add-on to receive a tunic in your faction color as well!

All Players must be at least 16 years of age at the time of event. Players under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian over the age of 21.

Event will be held October 17th-19th, 2019 in Trenton, SC from Thursday 12pm to Saturday 2pm.

If you choose the tunic add on, please note that the tunics can run a bit small. We recommend choosing one size larger than you usually wear!

Plan ahead by reviewing the schedule.

Check here for tips on how to prepare. In addition to your ticket, you will need the following appropriate gear to enter and participate in the event: a tunic in faction colors, period appropriate boots, trousers, belt and weapon (if a combatant). All these items can be purchased here. Or you can bring your own!

*Plan to arrive in time to set up camp and be in garb by the mandatory safety meeting at 5:00pm on Thursday

Camp site use is included with your purchase

Camping will be available until Sunday at 12pm.

Players are responsible for providing for sleeping arrangements. “in-game“ and “out of game“ camp sites will be provided. Tents are available for rent from Weekend Warrior.

Amenities include: Power, water, showers and wash area, toilet facilities and parking.

Any other garb, weapons, armor, or supplies must be purchased separately or approved to the event. Please direct all questions and inquires to contact@fellandfair.com

Tunic Add-on:
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Sword Rental

Don’t forget a weapon! This sturdy blade will get you started in battle. This sword is a Medium One Handed weapon, measuring 85cm long. Rent for the entire weekend!

Polearm Rental

Join the battle with a little advantage! Rent a polearm at Weekend Warrior for the whole weekend. No need to worry about how to get a spear into your checked luggage!

**Due to availability, actual rental polearm may vary.

Tent Rental
from 35.00

These tents are perfect for someone who needs something small, fast, and easy to set up! They sleep one person and their gear comfortably. If you plan on bringing a cot or sharing your tent, we suggest renting a two person tent!