Extra Tunic Purchase

Extra Tunic Purchase


Purchase an additional tunic! Why run around in the same one for three days if you don’t have to?… Choose your size and color when you add to cart! Our sizing recommendation: order one size up! You can always roll the sleeves and belt it, but too small is too small!

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Sword Rental

Don’t forget a weapon! This sturdy blade will get you started in battle. This sword is a Medium One Handed weapon, measuring 85cm long. Rent for the entire weekend!

Archery Kit Rental
from 50.00

Don’t have your own bow? Rent this one along with 5 combat-safe arrows. You may also add arrows for an additional fee.

Polearm Rental

Join the battle with a little advantage! Rent a polearm at Weekend Warrior for the whole weekend. No need to worry about how to get a spear into your checked luggage!

**Due to availability, actual rental polearm may vary.

Cloak Purchase

Enhance your kit and add warmth and sun protection at the same time! A cloak keeps you safe from the cold and all other manner of weather. It also looks really cool! The Fell & Fair crew will make you this 100% linen cloak of of your color fo fabric!

*Unless otherwise noted, all items will be available for pickup upon check-in at the Weekend Warrior event.

Tent Rental
from 35.00

These tents are perfect for someone who needs something small, fast, and easy to set up! They sleep one person and their gear comfortably. If you plan on bringing a cot or sharing your tent, we suggest renting a two person tent!