Huntsman's Bow Purchase

Huntsman's Bow Purchase

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The Huntsman Medieval Longbow was designed by Fell & Fair to be the perfect bow for medieval and fantasy huntsmen, foresters and rangers. Every Huntsman Medieval Longbow is made from premium hickory and has a rustic design with a smooth rounded belly along with tapered limbs. Each bow has a custom made leather handle wrap and strike plate. The strike plate can be moved to the left-handed or right-handed shooting side or removed altogether according to preference. The Huntsman Medieval Longbow is based on the classic english longbow with our special Fell & Fair look and built by Grayvn Traditional Bows. The bow shoots "off the hand" in the traditional style.




Bow Instructions


Certificate of Authenticity


Length -Approx 72" tip to tip

Bow Wood - Hickory

Backing - None

Bow Type - English Longbow

Stain - Dark Brown

Handle - Dark Brown Leather Flat Spiral Wrap

30 to 35 pounds draw weight

Also available with a 5 pack of LARP safe arrows at a discount!!!

*Unless otherwise noted, all items purchased will be delivered upon check-in at Weekend Warrior.

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