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With the crowning of King Randar, and the Reeve called to his side as council, command of the Kingsmen has been given to Justicar Braxton, The Wall of Murnock. Braxton served as a small unit officer for the King to establish order in strategic combat areas. He earned his title while defending the mines of Murnock from southern tribesmen. While the local militia was quickly overrun, Braxton gathered a handful of troops, reclaimed the breach in the wall and held them for hours until relief arrived. That day he earned a knighthood as well as a reputation. The Wall of Murnock became a legend for that spread far beyond the mines. 


Thomas Day is a Weekend Warrior veteran, member of Fell and Fair, and no stranger to war games. He commands the Kingsmen with his own hand-picked guardsmen. 


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Descended in unbroken line from the First of the great Sea Lords, Torvin, Ear of Throi, First Sea Lord and Commodore of the Fleet embodies the reputation of his Sea Lords. Dashing, courageous, arrogant, and not in the least intimated by you or anyone else. He is the best, and he knows it. Faithful to a fault but willing to hunt to the last those he deems to be his foes. Torvin has at his personal disposal the Sea Lord fleet, led by his flagship the Leviathan. While his head never bows to the mighty, even the most humble Sea Lord knows him as a friend. 

Zan Campbell is a U.S. Navy Veteran, Founder of Fell & Fair and Executive Director of Weekend Warrior. Years of playing Age of Empires and that Naval Science degree are finally paying off as he returns to command the Sea Lords. 


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Killian the Red, Duke of Lannock. His biography is written in blood. Duke Killian is cousin to the late king and the commander of the Hearth-guard. As a young man, having saved the late king, from ambush by a  Golthan warband and soaked to the skin in their blood, Killian and his men escorted the king through the streets of Lannock before cheering crowds. Killian has since been known as "The Red". He and his Hearth-guard are never far from the sound of war-horns and carrion birds. 

Ron Newcomb is a co-founder of Weekend Warrior and director of The Forge Studios. He is a Marine veteran and leads his troops in battle with the same valor with which he served his country.   


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Some men rise due to wealth and privilege, those men die quickly in the Boarder Watch. Probably at the hands of men like Arquus Lightbow. Arquus' name proceeded him as a legend through the Ranger Corps. Before attaining the rank of captain, he sailed with the Sea Lords and led teams of rangers on orc hunts far beyond the boarders of Olaran. The King's choice of Ranger commander for the expedition was easy. Arquus would get the job done, and then some.


Jesse Huff is a veteran member of the Fell Company and brings years of woodcraft and archery experience to the Rangers. Legends are still told in hushed tones of the dozens slain by his bow last year at Weekend Warrior!