Code of Conduct

Below is a list of standing rules regarding safety and conduct. Any participant of Weekend Warrior is required to accept these terms and conditions upon purchasing a ticket. This list is subject to change if amendments need to be made. Should any changes take place, all those who currently are registered will be notified so as to be made aware. Weekend Warrior reserves the right to eject any player from the game for violating any of, but not limited to, the following policies.


All attendees of the Weekend Warrior Experience must be at least 16 years of age. Any attendees under the age of 18 must be accompanied with an adult guardian who is also attending the event. Weekend Warrior is not liable for unsupervised minors. Anyone found to be in violation of this policy will be asked to leave the event.


Alcohol will not be sold on site at this event. However, attendees may bring their own alcohol if they so choose. Any attendees planning on partaking in alcohol should bring a state issued photo ID with their date of birth. Anyone consuming alcohol may be asked to verify their age, so as to ensure that they are in accordance with SC state law and are 21 years of age. Any minor consuming alcohol or attendees providing alcohol to minors will be asked to leave the event. Legal action may be taken in order to remove liability from Weekend Warrior in the event of player misconduct. We ask that players drink and enjoy themselves in moderation so as to avoid any possible issues regarding alcohol.


No illegal drugs are allowed at Weekend Warrior. PERIOD. In the event that illegal drugs are discovered, attendees connected to them will be ejected from the game and the authorities will be contacted. Any prescription should be in its original bottle with the name of its intended owner clearly visible. If you have a prescription, please make an NPC in your faction aware upon your arrival.


We encourage all attendees to lock valuables in their vehicles if whenever possible. Please do not leave any valuables laying out and visible in the camping or play areas unattended. Weekend Warrior is not liable for any lost or stolen property during the event. Any found property can be given to an NPC, and the staff will do their best to locate it's owner. If a player has lost an item, please ask an NPC to check if it has been found.


No one shall for any reason make unrequested sexual or physical advances or harassing statements toward any other person in any way for any reason.

  • Weekend Warrior has zero tolerance for this behavior and anyone exhibiting this behavior will be expelled from the event and will be escorted off the property without refund.

  • If you are being harassed, or see harassment taking place, report this to an NPC or Faction leader for immediate action.

  • Weekend Warrior has the right and responsibility to provide a safe place for all participants. Weekend Warrior reserves the right to dismiss a player for any reason whatsoever.

Other Notes of Saftey

Fire Watch

Faction leaders shall appoint someone to fire watch and make sure that there are no unattended flames in or around the campsites. Fires should never be left unattended in any area of the event.


When you go camping, you are going into the home of wild animals. Follow these instructions to stay safe around South Carolina wildlife:

  • Make sure to keep your campsite clean. Do not leave food, trash, or anything smelly out in the open or in your tents. This may attract wild animals to your campsite.

  • If you are camping and do not have a car, food should be hung in a tree out of reach of animals and away from your tent.

  • Do not feed or try to pet the wildlife, even if they seem friendly.

  • Always stay with a buddy. Do not hike alone or at night.

  • Pay attention when you are in wild areas. Look. Listen.

  • Stay away from dead animals you find in the wild.

  • Stay away from young animals you find in the wild.


Each Faction Leader shall brief their team of the following safety issues:

  • Please lock your cars at all times

  • Ensure you know where your keys are

  • Weekend Warrior is NOT responsible for their items, so they are encouraged to store in a safe place

  • Be clear on rules including the honor system and what is  a hit, to minimize disputes

  • Be clear on disputes - i.e. look for an NPC to assist, always default to the  Faction Leader

  • Be clear on the use of alcohol and the ability to discern consent and non-consent

  • Ensure all know that illegal activity (under age drinking, drugs) shall be reported to the authorities and will not be tolerated and will result  in an immediate expulsion from the event and removal from the property

  • Weekend Warrior has the right and responsibility to provide a safe place for all participants. Weekend Warrior reserves the right to dismiss a player for any reason whatsoever.


Weekend Warrior shall have approximately 20 non-playing characters (NPCs), who are considered staff.  These individuals shall serve as:

  • Safety Personnel

  • Assistants in resolving disputes on the field

  • Assist in being the eyes and ears of what is going on within the game. This includes:

    • Identifying aggressive players.

    • Illegal behavior.

In the event of a physical altercation, they will attempt to intervene. They will not just stand by and they will clear the area and render first aid if needed. If the authorities need to be notified (the victim requests prosecution) they will report all actions.