Justicar Braxton, Wall of Murnock

Braxton Petras was raised a ward of the church. Found as a newborn on the river banks of the capital city, he was taken to an orphanage under the tutelage of priests of Luminos. Attempts were made to find his parentage without success. So it fell to the priests and priestesses to aid in his upbringing. With a few dozen children in the church’s care, donations were stretched to feed and clothe the growing young ones. Additionally, the children were expected to work in service to the Lord and the church from sunup to sundown. The only time they would not labor was during times of meals, studies, and the teachings of Luminos,

It was common for the teenage wards to begin training for a future occupation in service to the kingdom or church. Most went on to become clergy, laborers, collectors, couriers, and advisers to lesser noble houses. However, Braxton was a calloused youth and wanted to do more to serve in his labor. He held others to a higher standard due to his years of service and the teachings he took to memory. Eventually he joined the Kingsmen academy to serve and protect the kingdom.

Braxton rose over the years to become an Executar in the Kingsmen Order and took a small command near the Temple of Luminos in the Fire Mountains. His company was charged to make safe the mountain paths for traders and those making the pilgrimage to the temple. It had only been a few short years when word came of a horde of tribes folk moving through the valleys of the Murnock River into the mountains with the intent to seize the silver mines. After leading his troops to fortify the, they were met with forces lead by an Orcish warband howling for the Etcher of Souls, and clambering to delve into the tunnels. Braxton and his handful of comrades held the hordes at the entrance to the mines for three days as they laid under siege. On the afternoon of the fourth day, a force of Hearthguard joined the battle and attacked the tribesmen from the rear. With Olaran’s forces on both sides, the horde quickly fell to smallest and the siege ended.

Braxton was soon summoned back to the capital a bestowed a knighthood for defense of the kingdom on his own initiative and became known as the Wall of Murnock. He sought audience with the King and the Reeve to discuss his concerns of the events at the mines. The Reeve gave him the floor to speak, and believed his concerns valid. But after expressing fears of the Etcher being searched for and possibly found, he was dismissed by the king and his advisors on the Throne’s Council. It came as no surprise that Braxton was raised the position of Justicar and assigned command of the northernmost stronghold so far removed from the capital. He and many of his officers took charge of the Borderlands garrison at Grimmhold, which released the court from the pressures of the young commander.

After defending the northern borders for the last few years, Braxton has grown as cold and as hardened as the landscape he governs. Constantly gathering information and rumors from distant regions, his faith in fellow man has been tested while his vows and virtues hold him to purpose. When the order came that he was to lead a company of Kingsmen to the distant lands of Ithacus, he had assumed it was yet another charge to remove him further from the Throne’s Council. However, once Braxton learned the mission was to find and claim the Sword of Hope, he took command without delay or hesitation.

Now with civil war on the horizon and the Reeve gone missing, Justicar Braxton finds himself far from the kingdom torn between duties. The newly crowned king is ill, the Sword of Hope lies within reach, and Duke Killian moves to take the throne by force. The path ahead may prove where Braxton Petras’s loyalties lie.